Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Sorry, Tommy"

Some years ago i heard that Tommy Hilfiger made a pretty nasty racist comment.

So i became a self-appointed anti-brand-ambassador of sorts. And ensured I never even considered buying his products. I was pretty vocal about my dislike for Tommy. after all, i thought, it's typical of a firang to say something like that.

Until the other day when my friend Hetch sent me a link that kinda opened my eyes (and ears) to the truth. There he was. Grey haired. Dignified. Pained by the hurt inflicted by the rumor.

Tommy was innocent. I was the guilty one. He had said nothing. I was the one who was judgmental.

What bothered me the most was how stupid i was to not get to the truth myself. I easily could have. But i just sat on my high horse and did something easier - I pointed a finger.

I was no better than the dogmatics. The fanatics. The critics. I was "Them".

Last night i went out and bought my first Tommy product.

A pair of shades. At full price. (I really hope they marked it up like crazy!)


Finally, I am seeing things through Tommy's eyes.

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