Monday, November 17, 2008

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Always be a work-horse. Never be a workaholic.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Join me for Brunchner?

Breakfast + lunch is Brunch

Lunch + Dinner is Linner

Well, a friend of mine is now popularising a revolutionary concept called Brunchner.

yes, you guessed it. Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner! all in one sitting

The ritual starts at around 11.30 am and the meal goes on till night fall.

When asked to comment on this lifestyle, he simply said, "Not when I'm eating."

But rumor has it that he is chewing on the idea of pioneering Brunchnerack.

Yes, You guessed it. Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Midnight snack!

As of publishing this post, our correspondent is still waiting for his comments.

This could take a while. Please be patient.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock On!

It seems like everyone i know thinks my life would be incomplete without watching Rock On. So here's the good news: I watched Rock On.

Yeah they told my story for most parts with honesty. "Screw advertising. Let's hit the stage."

Ok, whatmark will put thoughts down in point format so your comments can be more focused. (yes, yes you have to comment).

1. Great Movie.

2. If they really had the balls to be true to every Indian rock musician, they would've been an English band. Playing covers to the gallery and occasionally sneaking in an original. But i guess they had to make the "minor" change of being a Hindi rock act.

3. It was really nice of Channel V to allow themselves to be portrayed as the Musician-bullying, pander-to-the-audience, V-don't-give-a-shit-about-your-sound company they are.

4. Nice of Anu Mallik to agree to the guest appearance. Again, honesty in the fact that his keyboard player is not happy. ;-]

5. Hats off to Javed Akthar for making it look easy to cross the generation gap, and write like a 25 year old. (Damn!)

6. They should have deleted the scene where they re-compose a song. That was laughable at best. "Hey guys let's try something different ... you change beat + you change scale + you change riff + I'll sing same lyric = tadaa!"

7. Umm where's the bassie? I know they tried to imply Luke Kenny was handling it on keyboards. Really Luke, Really? (Bassie's please note: your days are numbered. Show up for practice you bastards.)

8. While the music was good, I'm sure Indian lead guitar players could do much much better.

9. Frankly if they followed Charkaview's kick-ass act, with the na-na-na-na song, they would never have won. Oh wait it was a channel V thingie. I stand corrected.

10. Arjun Rampal looked delicious. But he should've put a little more work into acting like he was playing lead. And yes, I'm still straight.

11. Purab was fabulous.

12. Luke should never cut his hair. Still have a ton of respect for him, though his character was kinda ... umm ... girlie?

13. Farhan's vocals made it very honest and believable. Thank you for screaming three times.

14. Guitar players please note: India's hottest band used a Zoom G2! Yay! I have one which i use to tune my acoustic guitar.

15. There are three small mistakes in the music: Shankar, Loy and Ehsaan. Love them otherwise. Not the best choices for this job.

16. They should've named the Kid Rabindranath. And then started calling him "Rob" after he got a job as a Writer in an ad agency. Correct no?

17. Again, great movie. (I'm suffering from PMS as i write this.)