Tuesday, August 19, 2008

whatmarkism volume.12

self-evaluation should be a journey towards self-esteem.
Not self-pity.

Keep walking, buster.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doctor Crunchy!

Walked in to a doctor's office.

the first thing that told me to run was that he looked just like the head scientist from the Bingo commercials.

Anyway i stayed.

He then asked me, "You are from India only aah?"

"yes of course" i replied meekly.

Holding back the more venomous
"Why? Haven't you seen an Indian who looks like a bloody Indian before?"

Again i should have run, but i stayed.

Then he sticks the thermometer in my armpit and after two minutes of smiling at me
with a mix of pity and kindness, he took the thermometer back.

His face lit up as he almost-proudly announced.


Now that was something neither my Math lecturers nor my English lecturers never able to say to me!

Yes he was proud of me.

I should have run but i stayed.

Then he slapped me with a 300 rupee bill! (i already paid 50 bucks for registration).

Three minutes later I walked out laughing out loud. At him. At myself.

And it was all worth it. If ever laughter was the best medicine, it was right then.

I'm glad i stayed.

whatmarkism volume.11

Don't go assuming that all your sadness is permanent;
and all your happiness is temporary.

PS: thank you letters will be graciously accepted.